About Us

Little Luxury Closet is a children’s boutique for parents who want the best of the best when it comes to clothes, accessories, strollers, and more for their children. Little Luxury Closet is the go-to destination for luxury shopping for children in New York City and major cities across the world.

Our Story

As a young girl Paulette was always a fashionista. From the age of 7 she would dress herself up, using fashion as a way to express herself. At the age of 16, Paulette began to work at a luxury clothing retail department store.

Working in the luxury clothing industry from a young age into her adult years, have made Paulette immensely experienced in the retail and fashion industry. She is passionate about the latest fashion and setting trends. In fact, many family and friend of Paulette depend on her for styling and wardrobe needs.

She also has experience and a track record of success in styling numerous individuals including children for events like birthdays, photo shoots, modeling shows, weddings, and many other special events. Each and every one of Paulette clients brags about how her help improved their day to day life.
Paulette’s mission is to prove the best children’s wear services available through Little Luxury Closet.

As a teenager Paulette was always inspired to be her own boss. She is confident in her abilities to be an amazing manager and team members, providing inspiration for her employees who may look up to me and inspire them go in the same path as her. Owning her own boutique is a lifelong passions teams from her love of piecing exquisite clothing pieces together and making a stylish appearance.

Our Mission

Little Luxury Closet provides an exquisite pieces for your little precious one. We offer a service of a personal shopper, that’ll raid the closet to ensure a remarkable appearance for every occasion. We aim to provide exceptional customer service, building quality relationships with every customer.